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Zoning Code Portal | Procedures

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Administrative Appeal An person can appeal an administrative decision to the Zoning Board of Appeals as set forth in Section 245-54(C) of the zoning code. Certificate of Zoning Compliance A Certificate of Zoning Compliance ensure compliance with a zoning permit and is independent of any building permit or occupancy permit issued by the Building Inspector. Code Amendment (Text and Zoning Map) Conditional Use Although each zoning district is primarily intended for a predominant type of land use, there are some uses that may be appropriate under certain conditions. These are referred to as “conditional uses” and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Fence Permit A fence permit is required when a fence is not otherwise reviewed as part of an overall project. Heritage District Design Review Buildings in the Heritage District must comply with special design requirements per Sec. 249-27(E) of the zoning code. Heritage District Modification The dimensional standards may be modified for select uses per Sec. 249-27(D) of the zoning code. Nonconforming Use Conversion The Board of Appeals may allow a nonconforming use to be converted to a different nonconforming use per Section 245-54(B)(3)(c) of the zoning code. Planned Community District A planned community district is a standalone zoning district with special requirements relating to permitted uses and dimensional standards (Sec. 249-65 of the zoning code).. Signage Sign permits are needed for most types of signage per Sec. 249-30 of the zoning code. Site Plan Site plan review is required for most types of commercial, industrial, institutional, and similar projects. Special Exception Need content ____ per 250-54(B(2)(c) of the zoning code. Temporary Use A permit is required before certain temporary uses are established. Variance A variance allows development that does not otherwise comply with the zoning code. Zoning Permit A zoning permit ensures a proposed project complies with the zoning code.